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Welcome to my navy photographs web site!

I spent 4 years in the navy from 1973 to 1977, along the way I became command photographer for Harbor Clearance Unit TWO (HCU-2) and SEAL Team ONE.   There are photos of YRST-2, YDT-16, and the MK1-DDS, major salvage operations, as well as the record setting open water dive of 1148ft in 1975.  

HCU-2 command is now known by the name Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit TWO

I've put together a collection of my photographs from my days in the navy. 

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I really need help with names of the people in the photographs.  Please make note of the photograph name, give me the names of the people from left to right.  If you don't know the name of one of them, put unknown in that place.  Example:  IMG10394 -- Bob Davis, Mark Smith, Unknown, Jimmy Leland


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Information on what happened to:  YDT-16 and YRST-2

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